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Meet Sue

Hi, I’m Sue Cahill and I am running for re-election to Iowa House here in District 52.  I have served Marshalltown and northern Marshall County for the past four years as the House representative for House District 52. Due to redistricting, I will now serve Marshalltown and the southeastern parts of Marshall County including Haverhill, Laurel, Gilman, Ferguson and LeGrand.

I am retired from 23 years of teaching in the Marshalltown School District, most of those years at Woodbury School.  I am so gratified when I see students I had in kindergarten who have turned into productive adults in our community and start families of their own.  While many are accomplished professionals in Marshalltown giving back to their community, I’ve seen too many leave our state or our community for Des Moines and other communities.

It’s essential to keep and attract families here to Marshall County with strong public schools, affordable and accessible healthcare, and expansive skilled trade programs.  I have worked in the legislature for these issues and I will continue to reach people in all parts of our district, on all parts of the political spectrum, to find common ground and create a Marshalltown and Marshall County that works for everyone.

In the legislature, I serve as the ranking member of the Veterans Affairs Committee, as a member of the Education and Educational appropriations committees and the Labor Committee.  I am part of the Democratic Caucus leadership team. Here are some of the things that I have accomplished during my time are your state representative:


  • Worked across the aisle and was able to provide nearly $1 million to Marshall County for Road Improvements.

  • Sponsored HF 2521 which allows a higher exemption for income to expand benefits to Veterans living at the Veterans Home.

  • Advocated for expanded child care access by sponsoring HF 2338, HF 110, and HF 617

  • Sponsored an increase to the state minimum wage through HF 2293

  • Sponsored a Collective Bargaining Constitutional Amendment (HJR 2003)

  • Sponsored a Constitutional Amendment to protect Reproductive Freedom for all Iowans

When I have been met with barriers, whether they were health conditions, economic challenges, or a devastating E3 tornado in our community, I have faced them head on.  I have brought that same toughness to the Iowa House by speaking up for fully funded schools, increases in mental health facilities and health care, working against increased numbers of children in child care settings and for a fair tax and unemployment resources for all Iowans.

I am running because I have learned that if you want something better for you and your family, you have to make it better for ALL families.

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