Hello! I'm Sue Cahill, and I'm running for the Iowa House here in District 71. I’m a Marshalltown City Councilor for the First Ward and a teacher. I taught at the same school for 21 years, where I saw students of mine turn into young adults and start families of their own. While many are accomplished professionals in Marshalltown giving back to their community, I’ve seen too many leave our state or our community for Des Moines and other communities. 


It’s essential to keep and attract families here to Marshalltown with strong public schools, affordable and accessible healthcare, and expansive skilled trade programs. I am going to be working every day on this campaign to reach people in all parts of the district, on all parts of the political spectrum, to find common ground and create a Marshalltown that works for everyone.

Meet Sue


I’m a current teacher at the Marshalltown Community School District where I help teach and train new teachers. I also serve on the Marshalltown Youth Foundation, which helps fund music, arts and sports programs for children. 


When I have been met with barriers, whether they were health conditions, economic challenges, or a devastating E3 tornado in our community, I have faced them head on. I aim to bring the same toughness to House District 71. I am running because I have learned that if you want something better for you and your family, you have to make it better for ALL families.


I hope you will join us for an event, so I have a chance to meet you and hear what issues are on your mind. My email is CahillForHouse@Gmail.com -- please reach out to me anytime. 


I’ll see you on the campaign trail!