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Sue's Priorities 

Fully Fund Our Public Schools

As a teacher, I know how much our schools struggle when politicians in Des Moines don’t give teachers the resources needed or the support they deserve.  Our children are our future and we must invest in them that way.  We must teach them to be critical thinkers and to evaluate the knowledge so they can make decisions.  I will continue to work to fully fund public education and to keep public dollars in our public schools.  We need to lift up our schools for all students.  

Make Healthcare Affordable & Accessible

We have to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for families all across Iowa, especially here in Marshall County. I have two sons who are type 1 diabetics. Luckily, I have been fortunate enough to have insured through my healthcare plan until they were 26. My son, Mike, however is no longer part of my plans. In the past year, he changed jobs a couple times and, in result, had to pay $300 per vial of insulin (about two weeks worth) when he was between jobs. This also includes securing access to reproductive healthcare for all Iowans. Everyone deserve the right to make their own healthcare decisions and we need to respect that.

Focus on Economic Development

I have voted to make Iowa a welcoming place for all.  This includes good paying jobs, opportunities for all, and an environment open to a diverse population. I will continue to work across the aisle to ensure our communities and families prosper. It’s my number one priority to keep families here in our community -- and that starts with keeping good jobs in town.

Invest in Renewable Energy 

As a state, we have a tremendous opportunity to lead the nation in renewable energy -- all while creating good jobs for Iowans everywhere. I supported the biofuels bill and have recently toured the Iowa State Research Farms to look at ways to keep our water clean. I will continue to invest in renewable energy because it is good for our environment and for our economy. Investing in renewable energy, and job training for these 21st century jobs, is crucial for Iowa’s future.

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